Event Recap :: NOMAS Model Building Workshop

On Saturday, September 22, BACNOMAS hosted its semi-annual Model Building Workshop at the BAC. The workshop was attended by various students ranging from first-semester AOP students to Master of Architecture students. Students were able to get one-on-one feedback from the experienced instructors, and help each other at the same time.

In the Tips, Tricks & Tools section, Scott Hagen (B.Arch candidate) introduced students to the multitude of various tools and technology available to help students build their models. Students learned how to keep their models simple while using materials to get the big idea of their designs across.

Next, Anna Mezheritskaya (B.Arch candidate) showed students that quick and dirty sketch models can help them “think with their hands” and develop concepts that drawings can’t show. She also led exercises getting the students to think about a design concept and interpret it in quick model form.

After a lunch break, Julio Cedano (B.Arch candidate) walked students through the steps of making site models and understanding topography. Using a simple site plan, students learned various ways of constructing their own sites, and saw how valuable site information is to the understanding of their projects.

Finally, Anna returned to show various types of her own impressive presentation models, and let students know how to use scale to get what they need out of their own presentation models. She also demonstrated how to use details like scale figures, entourage and landscape to add context to final models.

Overall, students came away with a new perspective on model making, as well as some new tricks to take with them to their own studios. Click here to see more pictures of the Model Building Workshop.

If you missed this semester’s workshop, NOMAS will be hosting another Model Building Workshop in the spring semester.

For more info on the workshop and other BACNOMAS events, contact us at bacnomas@the-bac.edu, or visit our Facebook page: NOMAS-BAC Chapter.