Blog Pick :: ioby

By: Curtis Robinson, BArch candidate 
Have you recently walked around your neighborhood and wish the overgrown vacant lot could be turned into something special? If you have (and even if you haven't) then you should check out ioby, which stands for "in our backyard" (opposite of nimby, "not in my backyard"). Ioby helps to create, fund, and engage local environmental projects by connecting people that care about the environment with people that have great ideas for their neighborhoods.

Once a vacant lot - a community turned it into a space where they can grow produce and enjoy time outdoors within the city.
Some neighbors in Williamsburg took an abandoned lot that was an eyesore to the community and turned it into a space that everyone can use and enjoy. Members of the neighborhood cleared the area of trash, planted some flowers, and installed raised-bed planters. After using it for a few years, there are new plans to add patio spaces and a small sheltered area to allow for more functional space.

Ioby has even helped out communities of Boston! The site has helped launch a new program for Bikes Not Bombs called Chain Reaction. The project allows for youth from all of Boston to repair bikes of those in the community. Chain Reaction hasn't been around very long and already it has grown to partner with six Boys and Girls Clubs. The clubs provide space for the programs to use.

Maybe you have a project in mind that might be able to become a reality - so why not check the site out, you never know what could happen.