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Kengo Kuma | The New International Railway Station of Susa.

By Angeline Focht, BArch Candidate

Materialicious is a digital curation of shelter, materials, and objects. It is a user run design collection. Bloggers, architects, designers, and anyone else can submit a new or interesting project to be included. 

Rooftop Farming: the next American frontier
Rooftop Farming: the next American Frontier
Once you click on a link, you'll be directed to a page that includes a link to the original article, as well as a collection of related articles and images.
You'll see everything from product design and new technology such as 3-D printers to interior design and architecture, all smashed together with the more ridiculous finds, such as celebrity faces printed on chairs and a coat that literally hugs you.

Hug Me by Si Chan
'Hug Me' by designer Si Chan

So go ahead and check it out here. Find something by browsing through the main pages, or check through some of the popular tags and labels. Looking through the technology category, I came across a wallpaper that French researchers have been developing that block out wifi signals, so you can confine your internet signal within the walls of your home. 
Wifi Blocking Wallpaper
Wifi blocking wallpaper