Daltile Interior Design Scholarship Competition

Daltile Interior Design Scholarship Competition
Grand Prize: $10,000 Scholarship
First, Second and Third Runners-Up: $2,500
Ten Merit Prize Winners: $1,000

Today more than ever, the spaces we live and work in must be designed to accommodate the broadest range of people, recognizing all levels of ability or mobility, age, gender and physical stature. It is through the principles of universal design that an interior designer can create environments to allow every client to live a better, happier and healthier life.

Your challenge is to design a bathroom – in a residential or commercial setting – that addresses the needs of multi-generational users as well as exhibits excellence in design and creativity. Your design can span commercial or residential interior design, and can focus on any category of design, including corporate, hospitality, residence, retail, education, healthcare or institutional. This space may be an existing space, or one you create. Once you select a design space, explore and address all issues facing the space and the user groups within the space.

We encourage you to tackle new trends and think about unseen future needs. As a design student, your goal is to recognize a design issue and create a lasting solution.

Your project should:
-Clearly define the issues your design addresses
-Convey your design solution through written and graphic communication
-Demonstrate innovation design, creative concepts and thoughtful solutions
-Employ the principles of Universal Design

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