Field Trip :: Apple Store

By Angeline Focht, BArch Candidate

Have you ever gone walking down Boylston Street, towards the Prudential and noticed the huge glass building with a big apple in the front? That would be the eponymous Apple Store. It is a very recent addition to the neighborhood, especially in contrast to the ages of the surrounding buildings. The glass and steel facade marks a clear departure from traditional Back Bay vernacular into a much more modern realm. At night, the lights are left on inside the building, which washes through the street, creating a beacon of the store and attracting visitors like moths to a flame.

Upon entering the Apple Store, after batting away one sales associate after the next, you will probably make your way up the infamous glass staircase, a version of which is found in almost every Apple Store. As an architecture student, it is interesting to walk up and examine the details of the stairs, to see how they are put together with steel knobs.
If you're interested in reading more on the engineering of the Apple Store Staircase, this article goes into some detail about details. If you are more interested in the products the Apple Store has to offer, stop by and check it out after class next week. They are open late, and I promise you can't miss the storefront.