KTISMAjournal Seeks Submissions

KTISMAjournal is an independent architecture journal published by students of the School of Architecture and Allied Arts (A&AA) at the University of Oregon, that features students, faculty, staff, and friends of the A&AA as well as other students and professionals from all walks of life.

KTISMA’s objective is to provoke: to awaken a community of peers, colleagues, advisors, administrators, architects, designers, artists, and the myriad of thinkers, innovators, and dreamers that inhabit the tangible and metaphysical spaces.

Embracing a discourse that encourages the exchange of pragmatic and theoretical ideas, we endeavor to facilitate a larger rhetoric. KTISMA provides a focused forum about environments; how they are imagined, created, presented, interpreted, and inhabited.

KTISMA is looking for submissions, due November 1, 2012. More information on submission requirements can be found here.