Passive Hours New England's Fall Symposium

Passive Hours New England's Fall Symposium :: Getting it Built
Saturday October 27, 2012 from 9 am - 5 pm
UMass Boston
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$35.00 - Discounted Student Rate

While the elusive Passive House (net-zero ready) standard has commonly been used for high-budget projects, the Symposium is bringing together experts from all across the east coast, including Virginia, Washington DC, New York, and Maine, to discuss how these projects can actually be affordable.

Participants will include architects, builders, engineers, students, and anyone interested in sustainable design and construction.  Unlike many "green" standards, Passive House is actually bringing carbon neutrality within reach of all Americans by using simple, thoughtful design and avoiding costly technologies.

"Getting It Built" is the theme of this year’s Symposium, which puts the spotlight on both residential and commercial Passive House projects and affordability. Architect/Builder Adam Cohen shares how he successfully convinces owners to build to the Passive House standard in Virginia, including a medical office, community center, and now an 80-bed dormitory during his keynote address.

The closing session brings together Marc Rosenbaum, engineer and sustainable building pioneer, Martin Holladay, Passive House critic and Senior Editor at Green Building Advisor, and Adam Cohen, for what is sure to be a thought provoking discussion of affordability, energy standards, and how best to mainstream serious energy efficiency in building construction and renovation.

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