tur(i)ntogreen – Farms In A Town

Registration Close November 21, 2012
Submissions Open Novemeber 22, 2012
Winner Announced January 21, 2013

The Research and Documentation Centre in Technology, Architecture and City in Developing Countries (CRD-PVS) at the Politecnico di Torino (Italy), acknowledges and celebrates the contribution of University students around the world. Participants are invited to apply their creative talents in developing multidisciplinary solutions and submitting entries to the International Student Design Competition tur(i)ntogreen - Farms In A Town.

The massive global economical transformations, the redistribution of wealth and rights, new places and methods of production in goods and services are transforming the boundaries of the contemporary city; the fragile balance between rural areas and urban settlements is quickly evolving.

Younger generations from the rural areas in the whole world continue moving into the cities, claiming the right to share the benefits supplied by joint services, wealth and employment, peculiarities of the city even if they imply unacceptable life conditions. This has already led to an increase in urban population that generates the demand for new architectural solutions that must cover for the new figures ensuring dignity and integrated living conditions.

The tur(i)ntogreen competition - with a distinguished jury and sponsored by the UN-HABITAT within the "I'm a City Changer" campaign - will be open to University students from around the world. Participants are invited to apply their creative talents in developing new multidisciplinary solutions for a sustainable and inclusive city reflecting on new forms of urban management and regeneration through agro - housing and urban - farming models.

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