AIAS ArchTester Question Three

AIASBAC and Student Development are holding a month-long contest to assist you in obtaining and understanding the Education process, Experience process, and the Examination process in which students need to do in order to become a Licensed Architect.

Congratulations to Brad Feldman for being the first to correctly answer last weeks question about, how many organizations are authorized to accredit architecture programs, with an answer of, 1.

The first BAC student to submit the correct answer to the following question to AIASBAC and you could win a prize.

Question: Architecture accreditation for professional programs began in 1897 in which state?

Helpful Hint: Check out NCARB

BAC students have until Sunday, November 25, to research and e-mail their entry to: with your name, major, and guess on the above question.

Next Tuesday, the answer to this week's question will be posted on the blog and the winner will be notified. The winning student can pick up their prizes from Becky Anderson in the Student Development Office (320 Newbury Street, 1st floor). BAC students can enter up to four times throughout the contest, but can only win a maximum of one time during the month. All BAC students are eligible, except AIASBAC officers.

Make sure you check the blog every Tuesday for more questions and hints! For more info on AIASBAC, like our Facebook page here.