AIAS NEQuad Fall Conference 2012 Recap 5

AIAS NEQuad Fall Conference 2012 Recap 5 ::
Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart
by Jaime Krofta, M. Arch Candidate

"A Fitting Monument to The Faith." - Bishop Bernard McQuaid
"The secret of a Cathedral is an expression of the unity of believers." - Pope Paul VI

Both Bishop McQuaid and Pope Paul VI, quoted above, remind us that good design goes beyond the construction materials to be an expression of the people.

Upon arriving at the 2012 AIAS NE QUAD conference in Newark, New Jersey, I received the golden ticket, which, in actuality was black; it must be an architect's thing? Anyway, this ticket meant that I was 1 of 20 students that got to tour the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart.

Puffy-eyed with coffee in hand, we drove about 5 minutes northwest from downtown, past Mies von der Rohe’s Colonnade Apartments and Fredrick Law Olmstead’s Branch Brook Park, to the top of Ridge Street. My eyes widened with views extending beyond Newark to New York City.

The Cathedral has brought and continues to bring together people from many different places and cultures for work, religion, or celebrations

Dates: 1899-1954
Dimensions: 200’ x 800’ site 323’ tower height 45,000 square feet
Architect: O’Rouke, Paul C. Reilly
Style: English-Irish Gothic
Materials: Steel supports, Slate & Copper roof, Munich Stained glass, Green, pink & white Marble floors, hand-carved white oak sand limestone screens