Architecture Sketch Problem Exhibit :: Fall 2012

The Morphology of Sustainability
Fall 2012 Architecture Sketch Problem Exhibit
Stankowicz Gallery
4th Floor, 320 Newbury Street

How can shelter be designed to react to changing conditions of the day? How can shelter be designed to react to changing conditions through the seasons? How can the natural elements – wind and sunlight influence the form of a shelter – a place for managing thermal comfort? What are the ways to translate performative criteria into formal relationships and physical composition?

Students had 12 hours to design a hostel, a place for overnight rest for a group of travelers, which responds through its form to the natural elements in a way that reduces the need for burned or otherwise generated energy to maintain thermal comfort and address day lighting. Attention was paid to site layout, internal layout, and the composition of the building edges.

The morphology of sustainability is about ARCHITECTURE and thus engineered or high-tech devices were forbidden for this assignment. These include: PV or hot-water Solar Panels, Wind turbines, Geo-thermal wells, and sophisticated glazing systems.

The student boards in the gallery are exemplary of the Morphology of Sustainability project goals, and include work of: Ahmed Aly (MArch); Oscar Anderson (BArch); Adam Fritschle (MArch); Elizabeth Johnson (BArch); Daniel Lear (BArch); Alexander Muentener (BArch); Jonathan Ramos (BArch); and Matthew Williston (BArch).

This exhibit begins on October 31, 2012 and will last one week.