Blog Pick :: Live Green Blog

By Angeline Focht, BArch Candidate

Live Green Blog is a little bit like the super sustainable version of Archdaily. Articles are divided by categories such as News, Design, and Sustainable Architecture. Effectively functioning as a little rundown and news blip, each article concisely wraps up the salient points of the design. Within their focus pieces is a bioclimactic school in Dakur, Senegal.

The project is a 17,000 square meter complex with a low budget. It incorporates locally sourced materials and uses natural cooling systems and natural lighting. The wastewater and rainwater systems are also considered to make sure the resource is not wasted.

Another project that caught my eye is the Harbour Bath in Copenhagen. A project that was designed for socializing as much as swimming, showing that sustainability is not only about being environmentally responsible, but also about designing for people. The baths do, however, consider environmental sustainability as well. The project has only become a reality because the government has modernized the canals and wastewater treatment. The materials are a renewable wood sourced from Scandinavian forests.

Live Green Blog is a good spot to dip your feet into the world of sustainable design. The articles don't have detailed information on what strategies are at work for any particular project, but it provides a great resource to start collecting interesting, beautiful projects that are environmentally conscious to research further.