Recap :: CNC Open House

Recap :: CNC Open House
by Amir Banihashem, MArch Candidate

About 15 BAC students came to the CNC open house, held on Sunday November 11, 2012. First, Kyle Sturgeon introduced the CNC router and its capabilities showing examples of prior work done.

Students then learned how to prepare their CAD files for the CNC router using Partworks with Jason Courtemanche and how the machine works with David Hansen.

The CNC router is a powerful tool controlled from a computer program which enables you to make everything from simple cut-out shapes to intricate 3D carvings. Currently, approved materials for use are woods, MDF and polyurethane foam.

The CNC is part of an R&D group with goals to explore the capabilities of the machine. The research will use data from student and additional projects to expand the list of usable materials and cutting techniques.

The group is led by Kyle Sturgeon and includes Jason Courtemanche, David Hansen, Jefferson Nunez and Levi Tofias. Only members of this group are authorized users to operate the CNC.

More information about how to use the CNC and the forms necessary to use the machinery, including a manual will be available soon on the BAC website.

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