What’s In with Urban Living at ABX

What’s In (And Who's Out) :: Innovation in Emerging Urban Living Environments
Panel Discussion
Code: B82
Thursday November 15, 2012 from 6-7:30 pm
Reception at 5 pm at the Mock Up Unit on Convention Floor

There's a lack of emerging professionals living in downtown Boston. The City wants to retain its young and educated population to capitalize on their progressive ideas, community activism, and the provision of a cheap workforce.

In order to understand the status quo, we must analyze the conditions that will attract emerging professionals to live in downtown Boston, and provide emerging professionals with a variety of housing opportunities to appeal to their lifestyle interests.

These two design issues are further complicated by a multitude of social, economic, and political issues which prevent both the young professionals and the City from easily attaining their respective goals. Panelists will share their findings from a 'What's In?' brainstorming session with emerging professionals held at ADD Inc in April, as well engage a broader discussion on the economic and social context of housing in Boston.

BAC Students Marcus Hamblin, BID Candidate, and Ruthie Kuhlman, MArch Candidate, were part of the design team for this project.