BAC Summer Semester 2013 :: Study in Malta

The Architectural Materials Conservation: Philosophy, Methods and Practice class will be conducting the hands-on Intensive component of the course in Malta from June 14-24, 2013. The first two weeks of the class are conducted online followed by the 11-day Intensive in Malta. The remaining five weeks of the course will be conducted online.

The main focus of study is Villa Bologna, a historically significant Baroque period estate located across from the President’s Palace in Attard, Malta. The villa’s grounds are extensive and contain a variety of 18th through 20th century buildings, fountains, fortified walls, monuments, sculpture, gardens, and fine art objects.  Hands-on conservation treatments will expose students to a range of interventions including: investigation and analysis of materials and structural elements, creation of conditions surveys and mapping, techniques for  cleaning, re-pointing of stone masonry with hydraulic lime mortars, desalination of stone, paper poultice, plastic repair of missing stone elements with custom made color hydraulic lime mortar, lime-grout micro injections of cracks and voids, maintenance programming, and other conservation treatments.

The class is limited to twelve participants. Partial scholarships are available for degree students. For more information, contact the Director of Historic Preservation Studies, Robert Ogle with the subject line MALTA.