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By: Curtis Robinson, BArch Candidate

The BUILDblog examines the modern design of the northwest from the past to present. The Seattle based design-build firm, BUILD, keeps the blog updated with interesting blogs which range from forgotten lessons of modern mid-century design, to the role modern architecture has in movies.

Mid-Century home that incorporates all of the forgotten lessons
In a recent post, "10 Forgotten Lessons of Mid-Century Modern Design", the firm points out design features that made the homes of the 50's-60's so special, and the difference in feeling these buildings have from the homes built today. Some of the major forgotten lessons are, how the homes sit within the selected site- the homes used to be nestled into place, where as now they simply sit on top of the site and interactions with the site are sometimes an after thought. Another lost lesson is that, outdoor rooms are equal in importance to interior rooms. There are many different ways of creating an outdoor area that can be used in many ways, like extending the roof, and creating seating that is part of the architecture. To read more on this article, click here.
In an article posted a few years back, the author quotes a wise professor that would often say, "You'll never get sued for ugly". What the teacher means by this is that architects and designers are liable for everything, except aesthetics. City officials will be on the case about zoning, structural and life-safety design, plumbing and mechanical systems and loads of other restrictions but not often for how the building looks.

Ugly building |
BUILD shows off a project they recently completed, showing off design ideas that could look good in your own home. Why get a bookshelf when you could use bent steel plates that are screwed into the wall to give the look of floating books? Fill up your whole wall to look like the image below.

Inventive bookshelf wall | photo:

So go and check this site out.