Blog Pick :: Portfolio Design

By: Curtis Robinson, BArch Candidate 

It's that time of year again, the semester is over, and fun can begin again - at least for about a week or so. After that week, it's right back to working on reworking that project, or more realistically, skipping the re-working part and just starting to work on putting it in a portfolio. The website, Portfolio Design, is a great site that gives instructions on how to create a clear and good looking portfolio. 

Portfolio Design exists to help you translate your process, and how to work with title pages, problem statements, contents page, type styles, text blocks, spread design, and all the other hair pulling thoughts that go with designing your portfolio. As the site says, today, portfolios are created in multiple formats from print to interactive digital designs, and that's where this site comes in to help.

Student Raymond Bourraine work portfolio example listed on the site
There are examples of students portfolios, doing work just like you are. If you are starting to get that overwhelming feeling and not sure where to start, just look at some of the examples. The examples range in technique and style, which is a nice change from other sites that sometimes show the same type of style over and over.

Process page of Adrian Heid from the Problems and Solutions page on the site
The site also has a Problems and Solutions page which will help you with layout strategies, and how to make the vision of what you want your portfolio to look like into a reality. Other links on the site help you with title pages, introductions to your projects, as well as interactive designs for other portfolio mediums.

Whether you are working on your portfolio for school, or an interview portfolio, or a website to show off your hard work and dedication, you should totally check out this site. It's a good inspiration starter, and a reminder that you deserve to show off your work in a clear and (let's just say it) pretty way.