Edmund C Toomey Award for Student Advocacy

Photo by Bonica Ayala
The 2012 Edmund C Toomey Award for Student Advocacy award winner was Don Hunsicker, Head, School of Design Studies at Boston Architectural College.

Edmund C. Toomey served as the first Provost of the Boston Architectural College from 2006 to 2008. He established an exemplary standard for student advocacy that should be remembered, as he became a good friend and Atelier's strongest ally. Ed spent whatever amount of time and energy was necessary to help students identify their various needs, and to kept those needs as his highest priority.

Ed's uncanny ability to listen was matched with an unflinching willingness to act diplomatically and firmly. In a college as complex, and rapidly-evolving as our own, his friendship was invaluable, and generations of students will reap the benefits of his legacy.

In honor of Ed’s commitment to the students of the BAC, the Edmund C. Toomey Award for Student Advocacy is awarded each year by the Atelier Board to a member of the BAC faculty, staff, or administration who best exemplifies his priorities and willingness to put students above all else.

Congratulations also go out to the other award nominees - Kara Peet, Director of Student Development; and Ian Taberner, Director of Master's Thesis.