Field Trip :: Coffee!

New counter at Pavement (formerly Espresso Royale)
By Curtis Robinson, BArch Candidate

The renovation projects at both Espresso Royale (now called Pavement) and Starbucks are finished and just in time for endless coffee runs during finals time.

The major change at Espresso Royale (it's too difficult to call it Pavement) is an upgrade in the finishes. The counter set up, and how you place your order acts as it did before the renovation. The counter is anchored on both sides by stacked planked wood, which is by far the best design choice they made. Second to the planked wood, is the shiny tile floor by the entry - but maybe that's just me and my inability to not like shiny things. As far as the food- they have all the classic favorites with some new additions.

Just up the block at Starbucks you'll find new finishes and art on the walls as well as a different counter set up. Before the renovation you would find yourself in a line by the door, place your order and wait in the back corner for your name to appear incorrectly spelled.

Now when you enter, you walk towards the back and get in line, this is nice because it allows you to see what might be new on the menu and you're not rushed to order after only having a second to glance at it like in the past.

Once the order is placed, you wait near the front door for your drink. This does make sense because you're good to go and can walk right out. The only issue with the new design is that clusters of people waiting for their coffee are in the way of those who have yet to get in line.

Go and check out the spaces to see if you like the before or after better. Oh and stock up on the drinks - it's crunch time afterall!