Holiday Season Safety Tips

Unfortunately, not everyone out there has a peace-on-earth-goodwill-toward-men attitude at this time of year. During finals and the holiday season, an upswing of crime happens both on campus and in our local community.

Jewelry, laptops, CDs, and cellphones can be easily sold or pawned. Leaving these items unattended means you could become the target of a crime of opportunity such as robbery and burglary.

Please review these safety precautions to help ensure your safety and well-being and allow us to maintain a safe and secure campus:

While On the BAC Campus
-Make sure unattended offices are locked and secure.
-Do not leave expensive equipment, wallets, purses, or other expensive items out in the open.
-Take your valuables with you when you leave the computer lab, your office, etc.
-Make sure none of your personal possessions can be seen through your office door.
-If you have a locker in 320 Newbury St or 100 Mass Ave, make sure you have a lock on it and keep it locked.

While Off Campus
-If you are leaving campus late at night, make sure to keep yourself awake, alert, and trust your instincts.
-An escort is available at all times for BAC students, instructors and staff. Anyone requesting an escort service may ask the security officer on site to secure one through the Longwood Security main office.
-Park your car in a well-lit area. Do not leave any personal items in it--seen or unseen.
-Make sure none of your personal possessions can be seen through your vehicle's windows. Lock all valuables in your car trunk.
-Make sure your apartment is properly lit outside.
-If you are leaving your apartment for an extended period of time for the holidays, consider placing inside lights on timers, and having a trusted friend check in on your apartment while you are gone.
-Put your mail on a vacation hold through the U.S. Postal Service. You can request your mail be held from 3 to 30 days online here. Thieves often look to see which apartments have piles of mail to determine where to break into.

-Check all window and door locks to make sure they function properly in your apartment. Each exterior door should have a minimum of two functioning locks: a deadbolt and a doorknob lock. Each window should have a secure, tamper-proof lock on it. Insist that broken windows, locks, and doors be fixed immediately.

We hope that all of our students have a very happy and safe holiday season!
The Office of Student Development