2012 Campus Recycling Report

By Art Byers, Associate Vice President of Facilities

As most of you know we have a well established single-stream recycling system that utilized just two types of trash containers. The gray/black containers are for food-contaminated items and broken glass. The blue containers are for everything else.

Our numbers this year illustrate how good you all are in contributing to the program. Below find some really good numbers for the year:

-388 trees saved (these are not small trees)
-8,909 gallons of oil saved
-91,370 KWH of electricity saved
-159,898 gallons of fresh water saved
-1,371 pounds of polluting effluents reduction
-75 cubic feet of landfill space saved

Our overall recycling rate was 75%. The best month was this December 2012 at 82%, while the lowest was 68% in July 2012.