Blog Pick :: Campsite

Re-blog by: Curtis Robinson, B.Arch Alumnus

Campsite is a design blog and studio based in New York run by designer Max Ritt. The studio believes that it's never to late to make something better. The blog showcases everything from fascinating architecture, to furniture, to photography and prints, to DIY, and food. There's such a great mixture of topics and great finds that it's fast becoming one of my favorites to check back and see what's been updated.

Jens Risom's home located on 7 acres on Block Island, RI.
A recent post under the architecture tab, explores the Block Island getaway home of furniture designer, Jens Risom. The home is a great example of modernist architecture as well as a prefab design. On the site is a video with Jens Risom, giving a history of the house.  

Are you thinking of taking furniture studio this semester? Get some inspiration by scrolling through some of the work on the furniture and DIY pages of the blog. This specific post shows off a simple modular shelving unit that one could easily build for their home. The system is unique in look but is well designed, and extremely functional. 

Under the category of art is a post on artist Stephen Wiltshire. Wiltshire is able to remember places, skylines, and cityscapes in ways many cannot. Watch the video to see the artist at work drawing the skyline of New York from memory.

Go and explore Campsite - there's even a section dedicated to the Swiss, and who knows how to do good, clean design in any form better than the Swiss?