Blog Pick :: Furniture Fashion

Written by Alyce Packard, BID Candidate

Furniture Fashion is a blog that features furniture, home furnishings, home interiors, decorating, and architecture. Their goal is to provide pictures, articles, and ideas to give their readers inspiration to make their homes more beautiful and fun. They want to give people the information they need to personalize their environments while increasing quality of life through great design and innovation.

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On the site, this table really caught my eye especially in the spirit of the New Year. "The Up Table" by Duffy London is fun, cute, and sleek, I just love it. It's both clever and simple which I think are two of the most important characteristics a design should have.

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This table is comprised of the “illusion of levitation and buoyancy, the UP coffee table is a playful trompe l’oeil, giving the impression that a piece of glass is being suspended by small balloons.” It is made of glass, metal resin composite and toughened steel rod. It is a product of a limited run and only 20 of these tables exist in the world which is why it has such a large price tag.
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Also in the spirit of the New Year were some cool transparent desks. Everyone has a few different New Year’s resolutions but as students, hopefully at least one of yours involves working harder! If we're going to be spending more time at our desks it should at least be a pleasant experience. This is a great minimalist design that promotes productivity. There are no distractions or clutter which makes it easy for you to focus on the task at hand. This desk is called "The Curved Glass Desk" by Gallotti & Radice. This table is light and pure of expression, "it is a sculpture with strong emotional charge." 

This site is filled with fun and interesting things for anywhere in your house. Even if you don't want to buy the actual products that are being featured, the designs themself give enough inspiration for you to do your own version of it.