Blog Pick :: Life of an Architect

What to get an Architect for Christmas

By Angeline Focht, BArch Candidate

In the spirit of the new semester, and all the new students beginning their prospective degrees in architecture and design, here are a few excerpts from a blog titled Life of an Architect, written by Bob Borson, a practicing architect in Dallas, TX.

Design Studio: Top 10 Things You Should Know
1. All-nighters are not a requirement.
2. Last minute changes do more harm than good.
3. A bad presentation during your review will not sink your grade.
4. Your portfolio has a three year lifespan (max).
5. Hard work is easy to see.
6. Take business and real estate classes with your electives.
7. Visit your professors during office hours.
8. "Sell" to your professor.
9. The value of jury reviews is not what you think it is.
10. Break the Rules (big picture).

Oh, and the Christmas season may be over, but birthdays are year round, if you're wondering What to get an Architect for Christmas (or birthday).