Competition :: Videotect 3

Who doesn’t love a good Jetsons episode or sci-fi thriller? Film and TV audiences have always been drawn to visions of what buildings and cities will look like in the future. So we’re asking you to take us into your imagination. Will the building you work in years from now be more healthful or responsive to you than the one you work in today? Will your city have less green space? And can the answers to these kinds of questions reveal the ways in which design enhances livability?

Videotect 3 is seeking original digital videos that imagine the City of the Future. Give viewers a glimpse of the future in a 30 to 120 second video. You don’t need Hollywood art direction to explore this topic—just a creative approach. Entries will be judged on their ability to entertain viewers and get them thinking.

Deadline: 1/24/2013
Entry Fee: $40

Awards: US $2,000 Grand Prize; $2,000 Viewers' Choice Award; four $500 Honorable Mentions

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Whether you decide to enter or not, it might be fun to watch last year's winning enteries here.