Field Trip :: The Rockland Memorial Library

Photo taken by Alyce Packard
Written by Alyce Packard, BID Candidate

The Rockland Memorial Library was built in 1903 and is still a functioning building today. It's located in Rockland Center on Union Street which is the busiest place in Rockland. I've lived in Rockland my whole life and I used to work in the library when I was about 15. Like any 15 year old, I didn't appreciate how beautiful the building was but now that I've had a few classes about the history of interior design, I appreciate it much more.

Upon entering the building, you walk into the children's section. When you take the stairs up to the second floor you notice the big piece of art on the wall of the landing. This is where you start to notice the beauty. When you first enter, you're in the main section the adult section. When you take the little hallway off to the side, you notice the rotunda which I think is the best part of the building.

Photo taken by Alyce Packard
The Library has a program called "Art in the Rotunda" where they display the work of local artists. According to the gallery organizer Karen Haffner, "The beauty of the space enhances the experience of viewing the many interesting displays we have shown." The displays are usually there for a month and some of the artists chose to have a reception so that they can meet the patrons and members of the town.

This picture was taken in the Young Adults section which is right off of the Rotunda. When you look closely at the building you can see all the great little details they put in it like the dentil molding around this whole room.

Photo taken by Alyce Packard
Mimicking the roof of the rotunda, the tiles form a circle on the floor under the roof. What I know now is that this isn't just a random design; it's actually a Greek Fret. The Greek Fret was one of the most important symbols in ancient Greece. This pattern was extremely popular with classical architecture.

As well as the "Art in the Rotunda," the library also holds raffles, book-release parties, and other community oriented activities like the holiday stroll.

Thinking of visiting to see it in person? Click here for directions.