AIA Fellowship Opportunity

The AHA/AIA fellowship focuses on graduate students or post-grads that are exploring areas of design focused on healthcare delivery. The initial goal of the fellowship was “to encourage young architects and students to enter the specialized field of hospital planning.” Later this goal was expanded to include the following objectives:

-To increase architecture students' awareness of the special requirements and nature of healthcare facilities
-To attract talented young architects to this challenging area of professional practice
-To advance the knowledge of planning and design for healthcare environments

There is the ability for students to use this fellowship as an opportunity to travel and more fully develop their thesis project or expand/revisit their topic if they have already graduated. Topics have varied widely over the years. Some have addressed technology, such as MRI, computerized diagnostics, or telemedicine. Others have dealt with planning subjects such as managing healthcare information, regulatory measures, design standards and feasibility studies in fire and life safety, cost containment in health facilities, and comparisons of the health systems of different nations. Topics as diverse as the future of healthcare delivery, building innovations, clinical programs, care for children, neonates, bioterrorism and housing for the aged have been included as well.

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