BAC PracticeLab

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By Alyce Packard, BID Candidate

PracticeLab is an online job board where local employers post full-time, part-time, paid and unpaid jobs for BAC students. All positions posted on PracticeLab are assigned a Skill Level, and only students who are at the appropriate Skill Level or one higher or lower, are able to apply for the position. All current degree students have access to PracticeLab. New students will be contacted after the start of their first semester with a username and password for logging into the system.

The BAC's Practice ab is a really valuable tool that is sometimes overlooked. I've been at this school for three years and I regret not learning about it or using it sooner, it's very helpful. If you don't know about the site, or how to use it, I'll give a little step by step explanation pointing out the most important things you should know. 

The first step is to visit the site. Once you're there, you click the button that says you're a student. Enter your BAC email address and password to get to the home page. 

If, like me, you are using this for the first time then your page should look like mine here. For now, you should focus on the bottom right corner where it says "Getting Started." From that list you should select "Personal Profile" and enter any information that isn't already there. It's pretty straight forward and it'll take you through each step including the last step where you upload your resume. Once you've entered your information, you can check what you've done by clicking on the blue "Profile" tab on the top left of the page. Here you can see how complete your personal and academic profiles are and you can edit them. 

PracticeLab is for finding jobs. If you hover over the blue "Jobs" tab at the top of the page it gives you a list. The first option that says "PracticeLab Jobs" is the option that is available because of this site. The other options will bring you to other sites like Craigslist. The PracticeLabs Jobs section is great because it shows you exactly what you need to know.

All BAC students have a skill level. These jobs are based on your skill level. If your skill level isn’t high enough for a job then it will say "You do not qualify for this job" in red but if you do qualify for the job it will instead say "Apply." If you know that your skill level should be higher and hasn't been properly updated, email Sophia Phan, Practice Information Coordinator. 

If you are interested in the job, you should click the job title first to see more information. Once you click that, it'll show you the name of the company, where they are located, the job description, and the qualifications. If you still want to apply, click the "Apply" button and upload your cover letter and resume. Once you submit, you should get a confirmation email to your BAC email. If you don't get a confirmation email or you have a question about the PracticeLab site, email, not the company that you're applying to.

It is good to have both a cover letter and a resume uploaded; there really isn't enough room for a portfolio. If you click the blue "Applications" tab at the top or if you look on the home page, it'll tell you how many applications you've submitted and the status of them. You can also choose to withdraw an application you've already submitted. If the company is interested in you, they will email you, not the practice department. They're not the middle man; they're just here to help you.

While the PracticeLab is great, they're always looking for student feedback. There is a link you can click on the first page to submit feedback or you can email Sophia Phan if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions for her. Please check out the site and let her know what you think!