David Zach, Futurist :: A Friday Evening Seminar

Photo Credit: John Ruebartsch
David Zach, Futurist :: A Friday Evening Seminar
Friday February 22, 2013 at 6 pm
Fishbowl, 320 Newbury St, First Floor
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Dave Zach is coming to the BAC to meet with students and make a presentation about design and the future. More details will follow.

The future depends upon design – and designers need to understand how important their role is in building that future. Some have said that the future requires us to be open to change, but futurist David Zach disagrees. It's not that simple. In order to design and build a good future we must know how to hold on to the best of the past and make sure we learn from the lessons of history.

Design and logistics are now at the center of the economy and these two forces are both clashing and cooperating to create an explosion of innovation. The boundaries between design occupations are fading. Design professionals are not only taking their talents into other realms, so those other realms are poaching into theirs too. 3D printing could help spark a manufacturing renaissance and the reindustrialization of America.

Virtual design could have many people not caring for the built environment. The downsourcing of design talent into technology through automation raises questions, for instance: Can designers be automated? (Brief answer: No. Not the good ones.) It also raises questions about what will define a design professional in the 21st century.

This is the most exciting time to be in the design world and to be at the center of the economy and the culture. You've got questions about the future and your careers? Me too. Let's talk. See you on Friday.

David Zach is a futurist who is on the Board of Directors for the American Institute of Architects. He was the keynote speaker at LABash 07 and at AIAS Forum in 2010, 2011 & 2012. He has given over 1400 talks throughout North America and Europe. He loves architecture and design. He's hopeful about architects.

Students interested in participating should RSVP to Becky Anderson, Coordinator of Student Activities.