Field Trip :: Davis Square + Somerville Bike Path

Davis Sqaure
By: Curtis Robinson, BArch Candidate

Looking for a fun new area to explore? Hop on the red line, go two stops past Harvard, and check out the Davis Square area. Davis Square is a great mixture of the old and new, which applies to both the buildings, people, and shops in the area. There is plenty to do in the area which has a rich mixture of restaurants, retail stores, coffee shops, and even a great movie theater.

Somerville Bike Path
If you're in the area you should also head down the Somerville Bike Path. The path is made for both bikes and pedestrians alike. The idea behind the path is that it will eventually connect all major MBTA Red Line stops. Along the path you will find places to sit and people watch, and maybe enjoy that cup of coffee you bought down the street. There's also some pretty cool looking art sculptures on display in certain areas of the path.

It's starting to get pretty nice out, depending on the day, so why not take a stroll around a new area, and forget about the stress of the semester for a bit.