National Heart Health Awareness Month

The American Heart Association has dubbed February as National Heart Health Awareness Month.

One way to improve heart health is to reduce stress in our lives. So, let’s talk about Emotional Climate Change:
-Reduce the stress of technology
-Reuse tried and true human connections
-Recycle and make it a new habit to encourage others to do the same - pay it forward

The emotional climate of our work/life is changing due to our increased dependence on technology. Technological advances have changed the manner and speed with which we connect to one another.

Some people connect hourly with friends & family on Facebook, noteing in detail what they had for breakfast or their most recent shopping adventure. This email, that tweet, and the other IM are all ways we make connection, perhaps adding to the sense of urgency and additional stress in our lives.

What is this constant connection doing to your emotional health? Are you doing yourself an emotional disservice by neglecting other forms of human connection?

What if you...
-walked to an instructor's office to deliver a message, rather than email
-banned smart phones use during class and at the dinner table
-limited your use of hand‐held devices to two hours per day
-wrote a snail‐mail letter to your mother
-had a weekly "digital black‐out" day
-gathered with friends and family for a monthly game night – playing cards or board games rather than online games
-took a walk on your break without checking your messages
-made bedtime a technology‐free hour

To find other ways to reduce your stress, call the Student Assistance Program at 800.756.3124.