Welcome from Marcus Hamblin, Atelier President

Greetings fellow students!

Welcome back! What a great school year this has been so far! There is vibrant energy on campus, and it is exciting to see. Some of this energy has come from opening of the new space in the 951 Boylston Building. What a beautiful asset to our campus!

We also have the new CNC machine and laser cutter that have greatly expanded our digital fabrication abilities. We held a great lecture series, and began a series workshops in conjunction with the LRC to help students refine their skills.

Our student organizations (AIAS, IDS, SASLA, NOMAS, and Studio Q) have all been working hard to provide fun and meaningful social and educational opportunities. First Fridays and Food for Finals are better than ever. More and more students participate each time, and this year has shown the highest levels.

Our open forum with the Administration was also extremely successful. From that meeting, initiatives have been created to analyze parts of the campus where storage and studio space could improve. Atelier has committed funds to help changes happen, and we cannot wait to experience the changes.

We look forward to a great semester with the continuation of the Student Lecture Series, Workshops, First Fridays, and Food for Finals. Our student organizations will be holding elections in April, so watch for meetings and opportunities to get involved if you want to run for an officer position for next year. This is the best way to get involved. We are also very excited for the culmination of this year at our annual PARTI Celebration, to be held at the Colonnade Hotel. Get ready to party!

As always, please contact Atelier or one of the student organizations if you have suggestions or want to get involved. We will see you around, and enjoy the semester.