BAC Bicycle Policy

All bicycles are to be parked at the bike rack in front of 322 Newbury Street. No bicycles are allowed inside campus buildings, except for staff that have a private office, in which case the bike must be stored in their office.

It is most important to keep ramps, stairwells and aisles clear of bikes. Bicycles found in the building will be removed at owners' risk.

If a bike is discovered blocking a means of egress, or other passageway, the bike will be removed immediately, without notice to the owner.

The security staff will, from time to time, check the property to ensure that no bicycles are in the building. If a bicycle is found, and is not blocking a means of egress, the security officer will do the following:
a) Secure the bike with a lock (which is stored at the security desk);
b) Place a ticket on the bike, which will inform the owner to locate the security officer, who will then free the bike and inform the owner that it is improper to store bikes in the building; and
c) Remove the bike (if owner does not recover within two days) and park it unlocked at the bike rack adjacent to the main entrance.

This policy is effective September 1, 1998, and is subject to formal revision, as BAC needs change.