Blog Pick :: Architecture Lab

By Angeline Focht, BArch Candidate

Architecture Lab is an online magazine that brings together news, projects, competitions, and print media concerning the latest in architectural events from across the web. 

One of their more recent news features is an interview with Rem Koolhaas, conducted by Spiegel Online. The conversation ranges from the power a building can have over behavior to the concept of the 'Generic City,' one that has the power to create freedom. 

"In an age of mass immigration, a mass similarity of cities might just be inevitable. These cities function like airports in which the same shops are always in the same places. Everything is defined by function, and nothing by history. This can also be liberating." - Rem Koolhaas

In addition to interviews with famous architects, the online magazine also features many upcoming projects around the world. The above photo is a rendering for a new multi-sports complex in Antony, France by archi5 and Tecnova Architecture
The design won a competition in 2012 and it's expected completion date is July 2015.