Building for Everyone Series :: 2. Entrances and Horizontal Circulation

The Centre for Excellence in Universal Design is a group based in Ireland that was established by the National Disability Authority as a place to educate and raise awareness of universal design for an environment to be accessible, understood, and used by all people, regardless of size, age, or disability.

The have published a series of guides called "Building for Everyone: A Universal Design Approach." This series provides a comprehensive best practice guide for how to design, build, and manage spaces so they may be easily accessible for all people.

The second booklet in this series, "Entrances and Horizontal Circulation" delves into issues with entrances, doors and corridors and how they can be improved for greater accessibility. From the larger topics of reception and lobbies to revolving doors, the booklet also addresses the little things like handles, latches, door kicks, and rails.
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