Lecture :: Focusing in the Fog

Photo from SO-IL.org
Lecture :: Focusing in the Fog
Florian Idenburg
Principal, SO-IL
Wednesday March 27, 2013 at 6 pm
951 Boylston St, 1st Floor, Beehive

"Our office, SO–IL, is across the ocean in what once was the New World. Founded in New York at the beginning of the decay, it has provided shelter for natives of countries in various states of anguish, be it looming bankruptcy, ideological hollowness, or rising extremism. Voluntarily exiled from our frustrated utopias or unattained Shangri-Las, designing today for us is a quest for new common meaning in an evolving socio-political and cultural environment. We search for ‘growth-within’ at a time when the notion of progress has become suspicious." - From Focusing in the Fog.

Florian Idenburg, Principal and founding partner of SO–IL, an internationally acclaimed architecture studio based in Brooklyn, will present Focusing in the Fog as part of the Spring 2013 Student Lecture Series.

Florian Idenburg has been practicing since 1999. He was born in the Netherlands and holds a Master of Science in Architecture from Delft University of Technology.

As a Senior Associate at SANAA, he was charged with the design and realization of a performing arts center in Almere, the Netherlands, and two internationally acclaimed museums (the Glass Pavilion at the Toldeo Museum of Art and the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York). After successful completion of hte New Museum in 2008, he establised SO-IL with Jing Liu.

With SO-IL, Idenburg cerated an office that focuses on the development of new ideas and their viability in the world. He recognizes the merit in combining practice with academia, allowing crosspollination to stimulate innovation.

Through his endeavors he has become a recognized voice in both worlds. Read more about Florian's portfolio, as well as the firm's portfolio here.

This lecture is open to the public, and is sponsored by Atelier.