AIAS/AIA COTE Research Scholarship

AIAS/AIA Committee on the Environment Research Scholarship
Submissions Due May 13, 2013 by 8 pm EST

The architecture industry has come a long way in a few years; LEED certification at least to Silver level is a generally accepted starting point for most projects, and Gold and even Platinum certifications are becoming commonplace. At the leading edge of the industry, designers and builders are looking to standards such as Living Building Challenge (LBC), Net Zero, and One Planet Living to provide the next level of challenge.

While questions of cost implications for building to LEED have largely been laid to rest, there are questions about the budget impacts of building green to the next level. And there is a growing awareness that cost-effective achievement of net zero and regenerative buildings requires a radical rethinking of design, delivery, and construction processes.

The objective of this fellowship is to assist the research team in developing the "Cost of Next-Gen Green" study. The COTE scholar will work closely with the director of the project, Peter Morris, head of research for Davis Langdon. Lisa Matthiessen will provide project oversight and will act as the liasion with the COTE Advisory Committee.

Compensation: An educational scholarship of $9,000.00 will be provided for the twelve-week research project based on a salary of $18.75/hr, 40hrs./week. All research shall take place starting June 3, 2013 and should be completed by August 23, 2013.

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