Blog Pick :: GrassRoots Modern

Written by Alyce Packard, BID Candidate

Grassroots Modern was created to help people find a modern contemporary style that they could afford. Creede Fitch and Capree Kimball, the editors, hope to connect passionate designers with the masses and they want to change the modern contemporary world. They’re not afraid to get their hands dirty; they’re design junkies that have discovered hands on methods to make design more affordable.
Like the products and designs featured on the website, the blog itself is very simple, sleek, and clean. You can tell that they’re influenced by minimalist design. Because I'm so over the weather we've been having lately, I thought it might be nice to look at a great piece of summer furniture.
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This is called the Clam Chair and it's from The Potted Store. It was originally designed by John B. Salterini and although the real originals can be really expensive, these new ones are only about $295 each. They’re available in orange, pale green, and brown.

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I think this is a great space. This room features a Chelsea Sofa, an Eames chair and a 60's arc lamp. I love the Eames chairs and I'm obsessed with lights like this so I was very impressed when I saw that this is actually the editor’s living room. He manages to have a room look this great with all of these great pieces while living with his children and family. I guess the couch was actually getting a little worn out, so he went out and bought the $20 orange blanket shown in this picture that he upholstered.

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This blog is filled with fun little ideas and playful design. It features a lot of great products that are available for a great deal. This blog is a good tool if you're looking for some great furniture, products, or if you're just looking for a creative way to use the products. Click here for some ideas!