Competition :: Seoul Urban Design 2013

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Registration Deadline: April 26th by 5:00PM
Submission Deadline: July 5th by 5:00 PM
Entry Fee: $30

Online registration can be made here

Controling a bigger system calls for faster communication. A growing city demands faster transportation lines to catch up its size. Overlaying a steady transportation network on a large cityscape has been a chief responsibility for every metropolitan government. Faster connections were needed for efficiency, so they built speedy ways inside cities. Efficiency sacrificed life; the naturally-grown urban fabric was disconnected and split areas were isolated. They became urban barricades.

This competition puts forward the concept “Toward Urban Integration” to collect ideas about urban fabric recovery. It focuses on the eco-friendly regeneration of the expressway, Jemulpo-gil and the adjacent blocks in the west region of the city. Still in the conception phase, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has a potential plan to build underground tunnels to turn the extensive surface area of Jemulpo-gil into usable space for citizens. Following this direction, this competition seeks inspiring proposals that can re-define Jemulpo-gil and revitalize the adjacent blocks according to a paradigm shift from separation toward urban integration.

This competition is open to any registered individual student or to any team of 3 people or less from all over the world. If you need more information, please visit their site at or feel free to email them at