The BAC Reopens and Moves Forward Together

Yesterday was a horrible and heart-rending day for our community. Boston's resilience is being demonstrated as first-responders and spectators rushed to aid persons injured in yesterday's horrific events on Boylston Street, and as residents offered their homes to out-of-town visitors. We have not heard that any BAC-related persons were injured yesterday, and our hearts, prayers and best wishes are extended to all who may be affected by these tragic events. We will continue to reach out to and support those in need.

Our Back Bay neighborhood continues to be the center of a major crime investigation, and Boylston Street will likely be closed for another few days. Businesses and traffic have largely returned to Newbury Street, and we have been informed by our Longwood Security firm that is working closely with the Boston Police Department that we can re-open most of our facilities tomorrow morning.

We will be re-opening 320 Newbury Street, and 100 Massachusetts Avenue tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at 8 A.M. 951 Boylston Street will remain closed for all classes and studios.

Students, faculty, and staff have indicated that they wish to return to as normal a schedule as possible, as soon as possible, and some have said they feel as safe on our campus as anywhere, because we have vigilant security in all of our facilities, and because we have long looked out for one another as a community.

This is not a time for simply getting back to "business as usual." We have learned that it is important to gather together to share our thoughts and concerns as may be appropriate, face to face. Our friends, colleagues, and neighbors have already begun to speak with and to assist one another in addressing the needs that arise out of yesterday’s tragic events. The easy part for us is to re-schedule classes, re-open the Library and labs, and continue on our path to the end of the school year a few weeks from now. The harder and more important part involves sharing our concerns and plans for moving forward together in supportive ways.

I am inviting the BAC community to a voluntary meeting at 10 AM tomorrow (Wednesday) in Cascieri Hall to share our plans for the coming weeks, and to offer access to supports for members of our community who may wish to have additional confidential opportunities for conversation or counseling. This is a time to address the best ways to share in a healing process that will likely continue for the BAC, the Back Bay, Boston, and the wider communities that abhor senseless violence and want to help those in need. I hope you will join me tomorrow morning as we re-open the BAC.


Dr. Ted Landsmark
Boston Architectural College