Blog Pick :: The ALZ Blog

Si-o-se Pol (Bridge of the 33 Arches) in Isfahan, Iran - photo from

By Ian Hester, BArch Candidate

The ALZ Blog is an architecture and design site that includes work from all over the world.  It is written by Nadia Alzayat, who began the blog as a kind of diary while she was in graduate school.
Restaurant Sake no Hana, by Kengo Kuma, in London - photo from

I first came across this blog when I became interested in Middle Eastern design.  One of the best features of the site is the ability to sort the posts by region, which is especially helpful for students such as myself who are interested in learning about the styles of architecture in different parts of the world.  Despite globalization and the spread of design ideas through the internet, the architecture in places such as the Middle East and Asia has retained social and cultural influences that can provide fresh inspiration for design students.

Mop House, by AGI Architects, in Kuwait - photo from

Another great aspect of the blog is the format, which is really heavy on photos and light on text.  This is great for design students who are short on time, as it allows us to quickly take a look at a project before getting back to work.  Links to designers, firms, and related articles are provided so that you can learn more about the projects that pique your interest.

Starbucks, by Kengo Kuma, in Fukuoka, Japan - photo from

When you have a chance, take a look at The ALZ Blog.  It is a great source for inspiration for studio projects, as well as for learning about design in other parts of the world. Personally, I would recommend taking a look at the sections for the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.