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Written by Alyce Packard, BID Candidate

The Sub-Studio Design Blog is pretty straight forward and simple. It's a blog with a compilation of products, furniture, jewelry, architecture, and artists that are clever, smart, and unique. 

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I absolutely love this and I think it’s kind of genius. It’s such a simple but smart idea. It's called "Signature Necklace" and it is custom made to order through Brevity. You can choose to get a necklace of your own signature or a signature of a loved one. Now you don't have to be all crazy and get your boyfriend's name tattooed on you, you can just wear it around your neck in stainless steel, silver dipped, or gold dipped chains. The way my name is spelled is kind of strange so I never got to buy those personal things at gift shops with your name already printed on it. This is 100 times better than that because no one else in the world ever will have the same necklace as you; it’s your personal signature.

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Another article to note, is Studio Weave's art/music installation Lullaby Factory. This was a neglected space in the rear of buildings at the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. They transformed it into a fantastical machine that makes songs for the children that are patients there. This is truly amazing, inspiring, and brilliant. 

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