Spring 2013 Student Art Collaboration

The Spring 2013 Student Art Collaboration was envisioned as a way for all students at the BAC to come together to design, create and combine our unique artistic talents.

The BAC Interior Design Society organized the project as a chance for everyone to have some fun, with a bit of a challenge, outside of our everyday work in interiors, architecture, and landscapes. The elements that went into creating each individual piece reflect every student's design aesthetic, and came together to create a unique, vibrant and quite interesting piece of art.

The image that was used for this project is a design created by Marimekko, a Finnish company that was started in the early 1950’s. Marimekko was created by Viljo and Armi Ratia, who saw a need for designs that had bright colors and showcased "independent thinking and quiet revolutions" in the post-World War II years.

Marimekko’s designs are always bright, bold and lively, and it wasn't long before their prints became easily recognized and widely distributed.

American architect Benjamin C.Thompson introduced Americans to Marimekko in 1959 at his innovative retail store, Design Research (the first of which was in Harvard Square).

The company is known for producing fine textiles that are both worn and used in upholstery. In the mid 1960's,  Marimekko collaborated with Crate and Barrel and brought the brand into the mainstream in the United States. The Marimekko brand is still carried at Crate and Barrel today.

Student contributors are (by piece #):
1.  Jessica Leong, BArch
2.  William Moore, BArch
3.  Luis Araque, BID
4.  Mark Humphries, MID
5.  Gerardo Ruiz-King, BArch
6.  Rashid Muydinov, MArch
8.  Anna Mezheritskaya, BArch
9.  Appollonia Thomas, BArch
10.  Nikitha Rayappa, MID
11.  Jay Underwood, MArch
12.  Elizabeth Carlino, BID
13.  Jill Gaviani, MID
15. Sarah Lyman, BID and Melissa Popovic, BID
16.  Brian Wilmer, BArch
17.  Neil Yarumian, BArch
18.  Chinada Taylor, BArch
19.  Anastasia Lyons, BArch
20.  Clara Calabro, MArch