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Stay involved this summer, and check out the BAC Student Organizations on Facebook!

Student organizations are an integral part of the BAC learning experience. Engaging the BAC community provides opportunities for friendship, networking, leadership, support and service-not to mention student orgs are a lot of fun to be part of. Learn more about current student organizations below!

YOUR Student Government, Atelier's mission is to foster communication between the BAC administration and the student body, to emphasize and promote professional and social aspects of student activities on and off campus, and to foster fellowship, cooperation, and unity between and among BAC students and organizations.

AIAS is a grassroots association and a cooperative between thousands of students committed to helping each other and sharing differing views. Membership is open to all students and provides opportunities such as lectures, field trips, social and networking events, community service projects, and conferences.

BAC Interior Design Society (ASID + IIDA)
The BAC Interior Design Society facilitates the needs of BAC Interior Design students by enhancing their educational experience and networking opportunities. It also functions as a bridge and network between ASID (American Society of Interior Designers), IIDA (International Interior Design Association), the BAC, and the students. It provides interior design students at the BAC a community in which to find creative and professional support, offering opportunities for education outside the classroom and interaction with other designers.

NOMAS is an increasingly influential voice, promoting diversity in architecture and the quality and excellence of future design professionals. The local chapter, BACNOMAS, is committed to being active in the design community, participating in national design competitions, mentoring local high school students, and participating in a variety of other educational and recreational activities. The BAC Chapter of NOMAS is about the spirit of inclusion, and participation is welcomed whether you consider yourself a minority or not.

SASLA is the BAC's Student chapter of American Society of Landscape Architects. The BAC's SASLA Chapter connects landscape architecture students to each other, to the local community and nationally as well. Participate to learn more about the field of landscape architecture, understand related skills, and be involved in a forum for landscape architecture students.

Studio Q
Your resource to the BAC's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender & questioning community. Studio Q's mission is to strengthen the LGBT community within the BAC and throughout Boston through various social events and political activism.