Blog Pick :: It's Nice That

By Rand Lemley, BArch Candidate

It's Nice That is a London-based design blog that covers a wide variety of creative endeavors. Expect to see cutting edge design from newcomers and old hats that will challenge the way you see design and the world in general.
Image: Cherubino Gambardella
As a way to tap into the new and upcoming, It's Nice That will dish up some great inspiration to use for your own creativity. While most of the posts have little to do with any of the architectural disciplines, surrounding yourself with creatives will only bring out the best in you.

Image: Jennifer York
With a curated selection of design that seems to aim for either goofy or challenging, prepare to be surprised at the talent on display -- surprised at the zaniness, neatness, or drama. It's Nice That can easily pull you in for long amounts of time as you bounce from project to project, as the surprises just keep coming.