Blog Pick :: topleftpixel

By Rand Lemley, BArch candidate

Riverdale Park. Image: San Javanrouh
When Toronto-based photoblogger, Sam Javanrouh, started posting daily images of his commute and travels on his Daily Dose of Imagery blog, none of the social media of today -- Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, etc -- existed.

DDOI garnered multiple photography awards for Sam, as he shot with an awareness that many of us lack toward our own city. Now, after the ten-year mark, Sam has ceased updating DDOI and started a Tumblr, topleftpixel, to share his images.

Pillow fight portrait. Image: Sam Javanrouh
Sam's recent photos are just as spectacular as the first images I saw back in 2005 when I began following his work. He is able to capture the personality of every street corner and face he encounters in a way that brings them to life. The vibrancy of each frame has inspired me to look at my surroundings with new eyes.

OCAD University. Image: Sam Javanrouh
Though Sam shoots photos that range from landscapes to portraits, you will find some amazing stills of Toronto architecture and interiors. Because he is intimately familiar with his subjects, Sam is able to portray his city with great insight and delicacy. Allow his images to suck you in, renew your energy, and grant perspective toward your own city.