Competition :: Design Make Display

Submission Deadline: July 15
Entry Fee: Free for students
The architectural model is the ultimate representation of a building’s design. More than technical drawings or sketches, the architectural model has the ability to communicate the entire concept of a building and its spatial effects. 

When executed with skill and care, some architectural models can be considered artwork on their own. But the architectural model is evolving. Many designers have stopped using traditional physical models made of wood, paper and glue and have switched to digital means of representation. While something may be lost in the rush to digitize design methods, new technologies offer different ways of thinking that can achieve results never possible through other means. 

Architectural design is now at an interesting intersection of digital and physical means of model making. This exhibit hopes to show how the architectural model is a changing art form that continues to be a critical method of representation of an architectural design. The exhibition hopes to include examples of traditional hand-built models and models that incorporate contemporary digital technologies. 

The models will be selected from a public call for work and the selected entries will be displayed at the Architectural Foundation of Cincinnati in the Fall of 2013.

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