HORIZONTE Call For Papers

The 8th issue of HORIZONTE focuses on "Grenzen" (translation: "Limits"). HORIZONTE is looking for essays, projects, photography, or interviews for their 8th issue.

The act, by which we take possession of our world, is essentially an act of demarcation. Creating architecture is also a means to delimit a space of that environment into which it is inserted. Thus, limits in architecture become omnipresent – not only in spatial terms. While designing, we are involved in a complex network of boundaries. Within the realms of the possible, we are be limited by our language, our culture, our past and our available technology, materials, as well as media. To dare the impossible would thus mean, to surpass one or more limits, while establishing new constraints simultaneously, that will eventually need to be overcome, too.

The eighth edition of HORIZONTE seeks to observe the ramifications of borders as limiting constraints and effects of its trespass. What opportunities or disadvantages arise from the existence of limits – whether of a cultural, political, temporal, economic or conceptual kind? How close can we push our projects towards existing boundaries and still keep them in the realm of the feasible? What paths are to be taken in order to break outdated restraints?

HORIZONTE searches for past, present and future limits of architectural production and faces up to the limitless.

Submissions are due via e-mail by Saturday July, 20 2012. For submission guidelines and more information, click here.