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This site is a great tool and it's more than just a blog. When you go to Colortopia there are 4 different options for you. You can choose the "Advice," "Blog," "Color Tools," or "Before and After" section. Pretty much anything you would need to know for renovations. If you need advice for what colors to pick for certain reasons you can check the advice section, get inspired by the blog section, see what you would need to make it happen in the color tools section, then see what it could look like in the before and after section.

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This dresser project immediately caught my eye. I'm always looking for cheap creative ways to keep my room looking fresh. Not only do I love anything nautically inspired but I have a lot of ugly dressers that could use some paint. With Stefanie Schiada's method, you don’t even have to know how to draw an octopus to get this form. She uses an overhead projector, projects the image onto the dresser, adjusts it, then outlines the edges with the white paint. It's definitely fun, fresh, and unique. I'll be trying it this week!

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Under the "Color Tools" section, they have one feature called "Color My Room" which I think is great. Log in with your Facebook info and choose what kind of room you want to paint. It'll give you some color samples, one main color with 2 coordinating colors and 2 coordinating neutrals. You then upload a picture of your room, select which parts you want a certain color to be then you can experiment with changing different walls and pieces of furniture until you're happy with the result. For someone as indecisive as me, this is a great resource.

Even if you don’t have intentions of re-doing anything in your home, you'll probably want to change a few things after looking through this site. They give you great advice for any space that you're working on (personal or professional) and tips on how to accomplish it.