Blog Pick :: Core77

Blog Pick :: Core77
Re-blog by: Rand Lemley, BArch candidate

To find some of the most innovative industrial design out there, look no further than Core77. The curation of products is top notch and the writers even spend time educating their readers about design topics -- the latest is a series on woodworking and movement.

The inspiration received from Core77's features is beyond the ability of the average design blog. Even if you do not design at the small scale of furniture or other household products, the fabrication techniques showcased can definitely be used in model-making or perhaps even blown into larger scale interior projects.

I am always amazed at how excited I get when I see forward-thinking furniture. It may be that I encounter mundane objects every day, so unique designs capture my attention and spark curiosity. I love to imagine and figure out how things have been made, why the forms turned out in that certain way, seeing the designer's personality in the object. The examples at Core77 certainly get me pumped up with questions running through my mind.

Give it a shot and see if they have the same effect on you. There is also an open competition sponsored by Core77 currently underway. Find more details here.